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Below are some samples of what we can do.  The first three examples show a before and after version of the song.  The first part of the example is the basic demo done by the songwriter, often times just simply recorded with their phone, and then it switches to the completed track.  From the demo that the songwriter brings us, which may be a very minimal skeletal version or a more fully formed concept,  the process begins with working closely with the songwriter in pre-production, making arrangements, charting, determining the stylistic concept and the appropriate session players for the song.  Then the session is booked and tracking, mixing and mastering is done to complete the song. All of this is with full input and participation of songwriter.

The other three audio tracks are partial versions of some completed songs that we have worked with our songwriters to create.

Click on the speaker to hear examples
Falling Fast
(before and after)
All Night Long
(before and after)
(before and after)


Blow Me
Sing You to Sleep
Waitng for You


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