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Production of your song starts with careful and detailed coordination with an experienced producer. We start with your budgeting, and tailor the correct package to fit the genre, sound and vision that you, the artist, ultimately are looking for for your art.

  • Budget

It’s important to manage a project’s expenses for the sake of efficiencies, and for the integrity of the final product. We start by submitting a proposal to you based on the direction and scope of your vision. The proposal is detailed enough, with line items for each phase, that you will feel at ease with how your funds are being allocated and know exactly what all costs are.

  • Pre-Production

The pre-production phase is critical to the process. Our producer works with you in preparing the song(s) before the sessions begin. We will refine the arrangement to ensure the appeal you are striving for and the audience you wish to reach, which will include determining the proper and appropriate form, style and instrumentation. By the end of this phase you and the producer will have a clear understanding of the direction of your music and will chart the song in a form that will convey this to the session musicians.

  • Tracking

The session is scheduled and the musicians are booked. This is where it starts to get exciting. The proper preparation allows your session to move at a fast pace – maintaining efficiencies – to provide for an energetic and creative session. This is where having the combined experience of a professional recording team  - creative musicians, an artistic and engineer and your experienced producer - provides the biggest payoff for you, as they work to manifest your song ideas into lively, energetic works of art. Once these bedrock rhythm tracks are laid, we can then overdub any additional instruments we have deemed appropriate, and then it's on to the recording of the vocal tracks!

  • Mixing

With proper pre-production and a successful tracking session in a world class studio, getting a great mix of your song is assured in the hands of a first-class engineer and your producer. You can think of the mixing of the different instruments into a final version of your song like a painter blending the colors of the palette onto a canvas to create a visual image. Obtaining a powerful final mix of your song is a vital part of our partnership with you to translate your vision into an impactful musical statement to the rest of the world, and this is something of particular expertise for the Lonestar Songcrafters production team.  And it is always our goal to maintain your budget while not compromising your art.


  • Mastering

Once your song has been mixed, the final step of the recording process is mastering.  Mastering is where your mix is prepared for distribution to the world.  Mastering makes your mix sparkle!  The mastering process enhances the important sonic qualities of an already good mix to take it to the next level and to make it competitive in terms of volume and frequency.  Our partner studio, Crystal Clear Sound, offers top notch mastering using some of the best analog gear available along with a veteran engineer with over 20 years of experience.   Mastering is an essential production step to help make a song or songs ready for any of the distribution options you choose, whether it’s itunes, Cd Baby, Tunecore, Bandcamp, CD or vinyl. 

 In addition to all of this, we also offer these other specific services and options for you.

  • Custom Music

If you are not an artist but are in need of tracks to complete a campaign or promotion, our team is able to create music of different genres to accompany your idea. Your specific ideas can be worked into original compositions, or into stock tracks that are already available.

  • Songwriting Collaboration

We also have the ability to help you complete a composition, or original thought / idea that you need assistance with. Whether it’s just lyrics and a melody that need supporting chord structure, or if it’s only lyrics and you need help coming up with a melody and chords, we can work in tandem with you to finish your creation.   


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